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How to remove wallpaper

As a professional painting and decorating company we have been involved with wallpaper removal and wallpaper stripping in many homes. Here we want to share with you the best way to remove wallpaper and tricks of the trade. If you have some tips and different methods for wallpaper removal that you have used then let us know and we will add here.

hot water, brush and a scraper to remove wallpaper

bucket and scraperThis is the simplist and best way of wallpaper removal. It is a commonly used method for wallpaper removal and wallpaper stripping. Simply use a bucket with warm water and brush water onto wall, leave a while for the water to soak into the paper, then simply use your scraper to remove wallpaper.

Using a liquid to remove wallpaper

liquid wallpaper removerUsing a liquid wallpaper remover and wallpaper stripping liquid, brush onto wall and leave for the right amount of time as per manufactures instuctions. Then easily scrape of the wallpaper.


Using a wallpaper stripper (electric)

steam wallpaper stripperThe best way to remove wallpaper is by Wallpaper removal and wallpaper stripping steam strippers can be bought or hired. For this method, fill the tank with water leave to heat up and the water to boil. Steam is then passed through the pipe into the plate which allows you to introduce hot steam to the wallpaper. Keeping the plate in one hand you can use your scraper to remove the paper with ease.

Hire a painter and decorator

If you really dont want to do the wallpaper removal and wallpaper stripping yourself then it might be easier to call someone who can do it for you. Try the best way to remove wallpaper ourhandyman or choice decorating services who will do the hard work of removing the wallpaper leaving your walls clean for you to get on with the decorating part of the job.
Here's a good way to get your wallpaper removed using a tried and tested method. This painter and decorator can do the hard work for you and leave the wallpapering to you if you like. Or they can do it all for you. Its your choice what you decide on.

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