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choose your painter and decorator

A painter and decorator can make your house a home. Choosing the right painter and decorator is essential in achieving this goal.

There are many painters and decorators in every town or city. Some have come from a background of learning by doing and others have been through an apprentaship with a decorating firm.

If you are looking for a painter and decorator for the first time then you have to choose someone carefully. A bad decorator will make a bad job of your home and you then have to get the work re-done which is costly and stressfull on you and your family, as the rooms will not be usable until the work is finished.

Tips on choosing your painter and decorator

  • Try asking your friends and family if they have used someone before and get thier number.
  • Take a look at some work they have done before. Standards do vary from person to person. Your standrad may be greater than your friends or family's standards, so by looking at previous work you can make your mind up if the decorators quality is what you would expect for your home.
  • Insurance is a good way to determine if a painter and decorator is commited to his work. If he does not have any in place then he/she is not looking after your intrests. Accidents do happen, we all know this, but you dont want to be the one who is paying for a new carpet or item of furniture if paint is spilt. Ask to see a copy of the insurance. Is it up to date? does it cover the cost of replacing the most expensive item in your room?
  • Identification. Most larger companies employ decorators to do their work for them. This is ok, as long as the person they are sending is good and gives the same quality that you expect from the company. Ask for the name of the decorator, the company should give you this before starting work. Ask the decorator for identification that they work for the company. Ulimatly you want to make sure the company and not the individual they are sending is reponsible for the quality or work.
  • If you do choose someone and work commences, then check the work periodically. If there is something you notice that is not good for you, then ask them what they are doing about it. Dont be shy, its your home and your standards they ahve to achieve.
  • Don't base your choice on price. There are many websites and forums on the internet that can give an indication of what you should be paying for a paticular paint job. Price varies, and more often than not the cheaper you pay then the cheaper quality the job will be. Preparion is the key to all good painting work, this comes at a cost as the more there is to do the more the decorator needs to charge. In the end you benifit from this because the next time you want the same room decorating then there should be less preparation if you have already paid for this in the first place.
  • Ask your local supplier of paints if they can recommend a decorator.